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Sealed-Blokô Self-Retracting Lifeline model 3400856

Sealed-Blokô Self-Retracting Lifeline model 3400856£2,158.00

Please contact for more details

Model: 3400856
Sealed-Blokô SRL

HEIGHTEC ROTOR Evacuation System WK42100 100m

HEIGHTEC ROTOR Evacuation System WK42100 100m£1,800.00

Controlled lowering and raising system for rescue and evacuation from height, with multiple evacuee capability.
Available lengths: 25 m, 50 m, 100 m - PLEASE CONTACT FOR MORE DETAILS

G-Saver II 14M with Rescue Ability

G-Saver II 14M with Rescue Ability£882.00

The G.Saver II is a retractable fall arrest device which features a combined rescue winch to raise or lower the user to safety, should a fall occur

MICRON Evacuation System

MICRON Evacuation System£650.72

Advanced evacuation descender for specialist industries. Ultra compact device allows a person to make a fine controlled descent from high level.

heightecís MICRON evacuation system is a high specification compact self evacuation system at a fraction of the size and weight of traditional systems.

This system allows a person to make a controlled descent from high level using the MICRON descender device which has a unique patented DuoBrake mechanism, for fine control of descent speed. Can also be used to off-weight and lower a casualty. Locks if handle is released or squeezed too hard

Heightec Basic Lifting Kit 100m WK52100

Heightec Basic Lifting Kit 100m WK52100£406.80

Complete lifting kit for hauling including specialist hauling pulley.Comes complete with the versatile KARI transport bag. Designed specifically for work at height and rescue.

Fall Arrest Block. GFCR200-15FI

Fall Arrest Block. GFCR200-15FI£260.40

The G-Force CR200 self-retractable fall arrest block is durable yet lightweight, with a portable design that makes it easy to carry around,15metre

G-Saver Lower Mounting Bracket SA210LMB

G-Saver Lower Mounting Bracket SA210LMB£43.20

Used to mount the G Saver ll rescue / retrieval block onto G Tripod.


Page 1 of 1:    7 Items