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Safety Gloves

To cover and protect the hands safety gloves are worn to prevent injuries such as cuts and splinters and any harm from potential hazards in the work place.

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Belay/rappel gloves
These medium weight belay/rappel gloves offer extra protection without sacrificing dexterity.

Beal Rope Tech Gloves

Beal Rope Tech Gloves£18.00

Hybrid gloves, half-leather palms, half breathable stretch fabric on the back

Polyco Multi-Task work glove

Polyco Multi-Task work glove£10.80

Blend of synthetic leathers with PVC reinforced fingertips and inner palm

Bluestar Tyfon Gloves

Bluestar Tyfon Gloves£7.14

Glove with artificial leather and mesh-structured anti-slip coating on the palm

KCL Glove 665 Genomech

KCL Glove 665 Genomech£4.20

Genomech is a glove that p

Wondergrip Premium Blue Waterproof Gloves

Wondergrip Premium Blue Waterproof Gloves£4.14

Wonder Grip Aqua WG-318 Latex Fully Coated Nylon Blue Gloves

CLICK Orange Builder Gloves

CLICK Orange Builder Gloves£1.80

Click 2000 MP1 Rubber Palm Coated Grip Builders, Garden Glove

HONEYWELL Work Easy Lightweight Glove

HONEYWELL Work Easy Lightweight Glove£1.80

WorkEasy dipped gloves are an economical solution to your hand protection need

Striped Rigger Gloves

Striped Rigger Gloves£1.20

Warm, reliable and hardy

Page 1 of 1:    9 Items